Contact Lenses

Eye exams for contact lenses include special tests that typically are not performed in routine eye exams for eyeglasses. The Contact Lens Service evaluates and fits patients of all ages using the latest in contact lens technology and information.

What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting:

During your comprehensive eye exam, your visual acuity will be tested using an eye chart, and a number of tests will be performed to determine your eye health and whether prescription eyewear is required to correct refractive errors. After this testing has been completed, Dr. Cai will gather additional information so you can be fitted with contact lenses. You may be asked general questions about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses, such as whether you might want to change your eye color with color contact lenses or if you’re interested in options such as daily disposables or overnight wear.  Dr. Cai might ask how you want to correct vision problems related to aging. Some time after age 40, you will develop a condition known as presbyopia that decreases your ability to read small print and focus on near objects.

Contact Lens Fitting Procedure Includes:

​  1. Corneal measurements: ie. keratometry, corneal topographer

  2. Pupil and iris measurements

  3. Tear film evaluation

  4. Evaluation of your eye’s surface and contact lens fit

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